Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.


This electronic book "Fundamentals of Statistics" has been written and developed by H. Lohninger to be used as lecture notes for various courses and lectures at universities and colleges. In contrast to a static printed book an e-book is a dynamic system whose changes and extensions can be followed from day to day. As this e-book is work in progress and is improved and extended in regular intervals, the release history provides hint on what has been changed and which new pages have been added.

Comments on the free Web-based release of the e-book: The public online version of the e-book is slightly restricted, regarding the navigational possibilities on the one hand, and the numerous simulations which support learning and understanding of statistical concepts on the other hand. The simulations are not available in the Web-based version, mostly for technical reasons. However, some of the simulations are available as separate downloads from the VIAS Web server. A link to the corresponding download page has been included where appropriate.

The commercial e-book: The commercially available e-book is based on Epina Bookshelf, which provides the electronic infrastructure for the e-books - including a table of contents, an index, bookmarks, a history of visited pages, "see also" hints, and, of course, the many simulations which are seamlessly integrated into the book. The user may perform experiments and calculations which are only one mouse click away. Since no cumbersome import of data, and no installation of simulations is required, the user may fully concentrate on his/her actual task.

In addition to the approx. 70 simulations and animations, the e-book contains many links to DataLab which allow to perform statistical data analysis directly in the book. The examples and datasets are prepared to be directly loaded by the free Light Edition of DataLab (which is automatically started from within the e-books, once it has been installed).

Copyright: As we are often asked whether it is possible to use the material in the e-book for educational purposes, here are a few remarks about that topic: Basically all pages of the e-book and the derived Web pages are copyrighted by the author of the book. The freely available Web version is only free because it is financed by advertisements in the text. As the development efforts for the e-book have finally to pay off, we kindly ask you not to copy any pages but to set links to the pages if you want to point your students to particular topics. Of course, we would greatly appreciate if you decide to purchase the e-book.


We wish you success and much fun when studying statistics,

   the Epina e-Book Team