Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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2-sample t-testTwo-Sample t-Test
2-sample t-test, small sample sizeTwo-Sample t-Test - Small Sample Size
3D plots3D Plots
3D rotationOn-Screen 3D-Rotation
absolute frequencyFrequency
acceptance regionOne-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
accuracyDefinitions of Quality Control
 Random and Systematic Errors
 Classifier Performance
AD converterAnalog/Digital Conversion
 Digitisation of Signals
ADCAnalog/Digital Conversion
 Digitisation of Signals
additionMatrix Addition and Subtraction
addition of vectorsAddition of Vectors
additivity ruleAdditivity Rule
adjusted goodness of fitCoefficient of Determination and MLR
agglomerative clusteringAgglomerative Clustering
air temperatureExercise - Determine time shift by autocorrelation
alcohol contentExercise - Probability of Observations
algebra of expectationsAlgebra of Expectations
algebra of probabilitiesAlgebra of Probabilities
alternative hypothesisHypothesis Testing
amplitudeFourier Series
analog/digital conversionAnalog/Digital Conversion
analysis of residualsAnalysis of Residuals
analysis of varianceANOVA - How to perform it
 MLR - Analysis of Variance
 ANOVA and Regression
 Combination of Several Distributions
analytical processThe Analytical Process
Anderson-Darling testTest for Normality
ANNMulti-layer Perceptron
 ANN - Back Propagation of Errors
 Natural Brains
 Common Questions about ANNs
 Neural Networks - Extrapolation
 Generalization and Overtraining
 Growing Neural Networks
 ANN - Introduction
 Kohonen Networks
 ANN - Mapping of Spaces
 Models of ANNs
 Neural Networks - Model Selection
 RBF Neural Networks
 RBF Network as Kernel Estimator
 ANN - Recurrent Networks
 Taxonomy of ANNs
 ANN - Single Processing Unit
 Literature References - Neural Networks
 Time Series - Neural Network Models
 Exercise - Modeling the NOx Exhaust of an Experimental Motor
ANOVAANOVA - How to perform it
 MLR - Analysis of Variance
 ANOVA and Regression
 Combination of Several Distributions
anti-symmetric matrixTransposed Matrix
approximationLiterature References - Curve Fitting and Function Approximation
ARIMATime Series - Definition of ARIMA Models
 Time Series - Establishing ARIMA models
arithmetic meanMean
ARMATime Series - Definition of ARIMA Models
artificial dichotomyDichotomous Features
artificial neural networkANN - Introduction
associationContingency Table
 Goodman and Kruskal's Gamma
 Measures of Association - an Overview
associative lawCalculating with Sets
 Autocorrelation and Scatter Plots
 Exercise - Determine time shift by autocorrelation
 Uncorrelated Residuals - Durbin-Watson Test
autocorrelation functionAutocorrelation Function
autocorrelogramAutocorrelation Function
autoregressive modelsTime Series - Definition of ARIMA Models
autoscalingScaling of Data
axioms of KolmogorovAlgebra of Probabilities