Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

Exercise - Design a data set showing a normal probability density function

Try to design an artificial data set containing 1000 "measurements" on a single variable, which show a standard normal probability density function. Calculate the most important measures of location and variation. Expand this data set by one column and create another data set in the new column which is normally distributed around a mean of 122 with a standard deviation of 18.

Use the  DataLab  to obtain the following material:

  • The data set (1000 objects, 2 variable) in ASC format.
  • A histogram for each variable.
  • The mean, median, and mode of the two columns.
  • The standard deviation, variance, skewness and kurtosis.
  • What is the difference between normal distribution and standard normal distribution?

Hint: Use the formula editor of DataLab for creating the random numbers.