Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

Interactive Examples

The following table of interactive examples lists all interactive applications in alphabetical order according to their filename. The column CALDES/EXE indicates whether the application is a full feature executable program, or a CALDES application (CALDES applications are basically slide shows and have been developed by using the CALDES software).

Filename CALDES/EXE Author Contents
ann EXE R. Ullrich backpropagation training
ann_generalization CALDES H. Lohninger generalization of neural networks
anntrain CALDES H. Lohninger shows the reponse of a backpropagation network during training 
banana EXE H. Lohninger eigenvectors and principal components
cakedist EXE H. Lohninger random sampling and normal distribution
calibration CALDES H. Lohninger aspects of model building
cenlimit EXE D.Bolius central limit theorem
challenger CALDES H. Lohninger correlation and the Challenger disaster
chnccorr EXE T. Kolber chance correlation
communic_tubes CALDES H. Lohninger simulating the calculation of the mean
convolut EXE T. Leitner convolution of a signal
corr_auto CALDES H. Lohninger autocorrelation of a signal 
correl EXE D. Bolius correlation coefficient
correx CALDES H. Lohninger examples of different correlations
corr_serial CALDES H. Lohninger some examples of serial correlation in signals
crossvalid CALDES H. Lohninger cross-validation of models (principal approach)
cumufreq CALDES H. Lohninger explaining the cumulative frequency
curvefitting EXE T. Kolber aspects of curve fitting 
discretedistris EXE H. Lohninger distribution calculator for calculating binomial, hypergeometric, and Poisson distributions 
distcalc EXE H. Lohninger distribution calculator for calculating normal, t, F, and chi-square distributions
distri EXE H. Lohninger simple distributions and combinations thereof 
ex_fish CALDES H. Lohninger example of model building using linear regression
extrapol EXE C. Geistler extrapolating from models 
fft EXE D. Bolius simple experiments with the Fourier transformation
filterft EXE D. Bolius FFT used for smoothing and filtering
forwardsel CALDES H. Lohninger forward selection for multivariate models
foursynt EXE H. Lohninger Fourier synthesis 
gauss EXE D. Bolius 3D plots of Gaussian kernel functions
graphstds CALDES H. Lohninger some aspects of well-designed (scientific) graphs
histdist EXE M. Schedenig effect of the number of bins of histograms
histodev EXE T. Kolber shows how a histogram is calculated 
ironore CALDES H. Lohninger example of alpha and beta in statistical tests
leverage EXE H. Lohninger elaborate example of the leverage effect in linear regression
leverage CALDES H. Lohninger simple example of the leverage effect
lda EXE R. Ullrich showing the basis of linear discriminant analysis
lifegame EXE T. Kolber cellular automaton (game of life)
lincong EXE M. Schedenig properties of linear congruential random generators
linregr EXE D. Bolius simple linear regression seen as an optimization problem 
linregress CALDES H. Lohninger effects and assumptions in simple linear regression
matrix1 EXE D. Bolius matrix multiplication
matrix2 EXE D. Bolius geometric implications of matrix multiplication
mavrg EXE C. Geistler smoothing by moving average 
meanvar EXE H. Lohninger precision and accuracy shown on a shooting target
median_skew CALDES H. Lohninger mean, median, and mode of skewed distributions
model_spf CALDES H. Lohninger example of setting up a multivariate model
mslocation EXE H. Lohninger effects of the distribution of data on the location of mean, median and mode 
multiest EXE H. Lohninger trying to estimate a response variable from multivariate predictors 
neodim EXE C. Geistler smoothing and filtering
noise_scedastic CALDES H. Lohninger hetero- and homoscedastic noise
noisesig CALDES H. Lohninger examples of noisy signals
normald EXE H. Lohninger probability density function of the normal distribution
nykvist EXE H. Lohninger sampling theorem
objvar EXE H. Lohninger basic terms of data analysis
pca_flury CALDES H. Lohninger example of a principal component analysis applied to find forged banknotes 
pca_matrix CALDES H. Lohninger compression of data matrices by principal component extraction 
rdistri EXE H. Lohninger distribution of the correlation coefficient for various numbers of observations 
reaction EXE M. Schedenig measuring the reaction time 
regrot EXE H. Lohninger showing the effect of rotated data on the regression results
rotate EXE H. Lohninger visualization of 3D data by the real-time rotation of data space
sample EXE M. Schedenig problems when sampling signals 
scatmat EXE H. Lohninger effects of outliers on scatter, covariance and correlation matrices 
scatter_plot CALDES H. Lohninger some examples of scatter plots
simplex CALDES H. Lohninger simplex optimization
spectacp EXE D. Bolius time averaging of signals shown with an NMR signal
spline EXE H. Lohninger curve fitting with various kinds of splines
spread CALDES H. Lohninger various distributions with the same mean but different spreads 
time_depend CALDES H. Lohninger time dependencies of basic univariate descriptors in time series
travsalm EXE H. Lohninger Kohonen network solving the travelling salesman problem