Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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back propagationANN - Back Propagation of Errors
backward selectionVariable Selection - Pruning
band-pass filterTypes of Filters
banknotesData Set - Banknotes
Bartlett-FensterFensterfunktionen in der FFT
Bayesian ruleBayesian Rule
BelDecibel - A Unit for Expressing Ratios
Bernoulli distributionBernoulli Distribution
biased estimatorBiased Estimator
biased modelModeling
bimodal distributionExercise - Design a data set showing a bimodal probability density function
binomial distributionBinomial Distribution
 Relationship Between Various Distributions
biographyRonald Fisher
 Karl Pearson
bivariate statisticsMultivariate Statistics
Blackman-FensterFensterfunktionen in der FFT
blank valueDefinitions of Quality Control
blue noiseTypes of Noise
boiling pointsExercise - Estimation of Boiling Points from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
 Data Set - Boiling Points and Chemical Descriptors
box and whisker displayBoxplots
brainNatural Brains
Brownian motionPhysical Origin of Noise
brute force approachOptimization Methods - Brute Force Approach

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