Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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back propagationANN - Back Propagation of Errors
backward selectionVariable Selection - Pruning
bananasData Set - Bananas
band-pass filterTypes of Filters
banknotesData Set - Banknotes
Bartlett windowWindowing Function and FFT
Bayesian ruleBayesian Rule
BelDecibel - A Unit for Expressing Ratios
Bernoulli distributionBernoulli Distribution
biased estimatorBiased Estimator
biased modelModeling
bimodal distributionExercise - Design a data set showing a bimodal probability density function
binary random sequenceRuns Test
binary reponse variableLogistic Regression
binary variableDichotomous Features
 Indicator Variable
binomial distributionBinomial Distribution
 Relationship Between Various Distributions
biographyRonald Fisher
 Karl Pearson
bivariate statisticsMultivariate Statistics
Blackman windowWindowing Function and FFT
blank valueDefinitions of Quality Control
blue noiseTypes of Noise
body fatData Set - Body Fat of 252 Men
boiling pointsExercise - Estimation of Boiling Points from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
 Data Set - Boiling Points and Chemical Descriptors
boot-strappingCross Validation
box and whisker displayBoxplots
brainNatural Brains
Brown-Forsythe testANOVA - How to perform it
Brownian motionPhysical Origin of Noise
brute force approachOptimization Methods - Brute Force Approach