Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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c-chartp- and c-Charts
calculation of quartilesQuartile
 Classification vs. Calibration
 Multivariate Calibration
calibration functionDefinitions of Quality Control
causal modelModeling
causalityCorrelation and Causality
central limit theoremCentral Limit Theorem
Challenger disasterCorrelation - Challenger disaster
chance correlationChance Correlation
 Exercise - Chance Correlation
characteristical equationEigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Advanced Discussion
chartsGraphing Standards
Chebyshev's theoremChebyshev's Theorem
chemical structuresExercise - Estimation of Boiling Points from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - Estimation of Henry's Constant from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
chemometricsLiterature References - Chemometrics
 Chemometrics - Introduction
chi-square distributionChi-Square Distribution
chi-square testOne Sample Chi-Square-Test
 Chi-Square Test
city block distanceDistance and Similarity Measures
class widthHistogram
classificationClassification vs. Calibration
 Discrimination and Classification
 KNN classification
 Literature References - Cluster Analysis, Classification
 Exercise - Classification of unknown wine samples by PCA
cluster analysisAgglomerative Clustering
 Cluster Analysis
 Literature References - Cluster Analysis, Classification
 Exercise - Similar Mineral Waters
 k-Means Clustering
coefficient of determinationRegression - Coefficient of Determination
 Coefficient of Determination and MLR
coefficient of variationCoefficient of Variation
coefficients, Savitzky-GolaySavitzky-Golay Filter - Coefficients
coinsData Set - Weights of Coins
collinear variablesExercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
collinearityMLR and Collinearity
combinationCounting Rules
combination of distributionsCombination of Several Distributions
common questions on ANNsCommon Questions about ANNs
communicating tubesMean
commutative lawCalculating with Sets
comparing meansOne-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 Comparing means
complementary eventsComplementary Sets and Subsets
conditional probabilityBayesian Rule
 Conditional Probability
 Independent Events
confidence intervalMLR - Analysis of Variance
 Confidence Interval of the Mean
 Regression - Confidence Interval
 MLR - Estimation of New Observations
confounded variablesConfounded Variables
control chartsControl Charts
 p- and c-Charts
 x- and R-Charts
convolutionConvolution - Introduction
 Convolution - Mathematical Details
 Filters - Mathematical Background
 Convolution - Calculation Rules
correlationConvolution - Mathematical Details
 Correlation and Causality
 Correlation - Challenger disaster
 Pearson's Correlation Coefficient
 Distribution of the Correlation Coefficient
 Examples of Correlations
 Scatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 Test: Correlation Coefficient
 Exercise - Design a data set with predefined correlations
correlation coefficientCorrelation
 Pearson's Correlation Coefficient
 Distribution of the Correlation Coefficient
 Spearman's Rank Correlation
 Test: Correlation Coefficient
correlation matrixScatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 PCA - Different Forms
Cosinus-GlockenfensterFensterfunktionen in der FFT
counting rulesCounting Rules
covariance matrixScatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 PCA - Different Forms
 Validation of Models
cumulative frequency distributionCumulative Frequency Distribution
curve fittingLiterature References - Curve Fitting and Function Approximation
 Exercise - Calculate a polynomial fit by means of MLR
 Curve Fitting by Splines
 Curve Fitting
 Curve Fitting by Polynomials
curvilinear regressionCurvilinear Regression
 Regression after Linearisation

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