Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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F distributionF Distribution
F valueMLR - Analysis of Variance
F-testTwo-Sample F-Test
factor analysisFactor Analysis
 Literature References - Factor Analysis, Principal Components
factorial designExperimental Design
factorsExperimental Design
failure rateWeibull Distribution
false alarmClassifier Performance
false alarm rateROC Curve
false-positive/negativeClassifier Performance
fast Fourier transformFast Fourier Transform
 Fourier Transformation - Introduction
featureObservations and Variables
feature selectionMallows Cp Statistic
FFTFast Fourier Transform
 Fourier Transformation - Introduction
 Windowing Function and FFT
filterTypes of Filters
 Filtering in the Frequency Domain
 Filters - Mathematical Background
 Savitzky-Golay Filter
 Savitzky-Golay Filter - Mathematical Details
 Moving Average
FIR filterFilters - Mathematical Background
fish weightExercise - Estimation of fish weight from size
 Data Set - Physical Dimension of Fishes
Fisher R.Ronald Fisher
Fisher's ratioFisher's Ratio
fitness functionOptimization - Visualization of the Response Function
flicker noisePhysical Origin of Noise
forecastingTime Series - Forecasting
forward selectionGrowing Neural Networks
 Variable Selection - Forward Selection
Fourier coefficientsFourier Series
Fourier seriesFourier Series
Fourier transformFast Fourier Transform
 Filtering in the Frequency Domain
 Filters - Mathematical Background
 Fourier Transformation - Introduction
 Time and Frequency
 Windowing Function and FFT
frequencyTime and Frequency
 Contingency Table
frequency distributionCumulative Frequency Distribution
frequency polygonsFrequency Polygons
function approximationLiterature References - Curve Fitting and Function Approximation
fundamental theorems for matricesFundamental Theorems for Matrices