Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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labeling of axesGraphing Standards
Lance-Williams equationAgglomerative Clustering
Laplace operatorVector Operators
latent variablesModeling with latent variables
LCGRandom Number Generators
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis - Introduction
 Exercise - Linear Discriminant Analysis
least squares regressionUnivariate Regression - Derivation of Equations
leave-one-outValidation of Models
leptokurtic distributionKurtosis
level of significanceLevel of Significance
 The Term "significant"
leverage effectLeverage Effect
lifetimeExponential Distribution
 Weibull Distribution
LikelihoodMaximum Likelihood Methode
linear congruential generatorRandom Number Generators
linear dependenceLinear Dependence
linear discriminant analysisLinear Discriminant Analysis - Introduction
 Exercise - Linear Discriminant Analysis
linear equationsLinear Equations
linear in parametersLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
linear regressionExercise - Linear Regression
linear vs. non-linearLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
lineare InterpolationInterpolation
linearisationRegression after Linearisation
linearityLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
linearity of modelsModeling
list of interactive examplesInteractive Examples
LiteraturLiteratur - Statistical Tests
literatureLiterature References - Chemometrics
 Literature References - Cluster Analysis, Classification
 Literature References - Curve Fitting and Function Approximation
 Literature References - Discriminant Analysis
 Literature References - Factor Analysis, Principal Components
 Literature References - Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation
 Literature References - Survey
 Literature References - Mathematics
 Literature References - Neural Networks
 Literature References - Numerical Methods
 Literature References - Regression Analysis
 Literature References - Textbooks
 Literature References - Time Series
loadingsFactor Analysis
 PCA - Loadings and Scores
 Relations between Loadings, Scores and Original Data
locationMeasures of Location
logistisc regressionLogistisc Regression
logitLogistisc Regression
lognormal distributionLognormal Distribution
low-pass filterTypes of Filters

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