Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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labeling of axesGraphing Standards
Lance-Williams equationAgglomerative Clustering
Laplace operatorVector Operators
latent variablesModeling with latent variables
LCGRandom Number Generators
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis - Introduction
 Exercise - Linear Discriminant Analysis
least squares regressionUnivariate Regression - Derivation of Equations
leave-one-outValidation of Models
left censoredCensored Data
lengthData Set - Physical Dimension of Fishes
leptokurtic distributionKurtosis
level of measurementLevel of Measurement
 Dichotomous Features
level of significanceLevel of Significance
 The Term "significant"
Levene testANOVA - How to perform it
leverage effectLeverage Effect
lifetimeExponential Distribution
 Weibull Distribution
likelihoodMaximum Likelihood
 Classifier Performance
Lilliefors testKolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample Test
 Test for Normality
linear congruential generatorRandom Number Generators
linear dependenceLinear Dependence
linear discriminant analysisLinear Discriminant Analysis - Introduction
 Exercise - Linear Discriminant Analysis
linear equationsLinear Equations
linear in parametersLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
linear interpolationInterpolation
linear regressionRegression - Introduction
 Exercise - Linear Regression
linear vs. non-linearLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
linearisationRegression after Linearisation
linearityLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
linearity of modelsModeling
list of interactive examplesInteractive Examples
LiteraturLiteratur - Statistical Tests
literatureLiterature References - Chemometrics
 Literature References - Cluster Analysis, Classification
 Literature References - Curve Fitting and Function Approximation
 Literature References - Discriminant Analysis
 Literature References - Factor Analysis, Principal Components
 Literature References - Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation
 Literature References - Survey
 Literature References - Mathematics
 Literature References - Neural Networks
 Literature References - Numerical Methods
 Literature References - Regression Analysis
 Literature References - Textbooks
 Literature References - Time Series
loadingsFactor Analysis
 PCA - Loadings and Scores
 Relations between Loadings, Scores and Original Data
locationMeasures of Location
log-normal distributionLog-Normal Distribution
logistic regressionLogistic Regression
logitLogistic Regression
low-pass filterTypes of Filters