Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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magnitudeFourier Series
Mahalanobis distanceDistance and Similarity Measures
Mallows Cp-statisticMallows Cp Statistic
MannWilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Test
Mann-Whitney testWilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Test
manualData Laboratory
mapping of spacesANN - Mapping of Spaces
mass spectrometryTransformation of the Data Space - Example: mass spectrometry
mathematicsLiterature References - Mathematics
matrixScatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 Data Matrices
 Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Definition
 Matrix Addition and Subtraction
 Matrix Algebra - Fundamentals
 Matrix Determinants - Calculation of Order 2 and 3
 Equivalence Operations
 Gauss-Jordan Algorithm
 Identity Matrix
 Matrix Algebra - Introduction
 Matrix Inversion
 Linear Equations
 Matrix Multiplication
 Geometrical Meaning of Matrix Multiplication
 Moore-Penrose Pseudo-Inverse Matrix
matrix algebraLiterature References - Mathematics
 Matrix Algebra - Introduction
 Fundamental Theorems for Matrices
matrix determinantMatrix Determinant
maximum likelihoodMaximum Likelihood
maximum redundance analysisModeling with latent variables
meanConfidence Interval of the Mean
 Measures of Location
 Comparing means
 Generalized Mean
 Cauchy Distribution
mean centeringScaling of Data
mean of random samplesCentral Limit Theorem
measure of associationMeasures of Association - an Overview
measurement scaleLevel of Measurement
measurement uncertaintyDefinitions of Quality Control
measurement variabilityVariability
measures of central tendencyMeasures of Location
measures of locationMeasures of Location
measures of variationMeasures of Variation
 Measures of Location
 Wilcoxon Test for Paired Differences
median testMedian Test
memory based learningMemory Based Learning
mesocurtic distributionKurtosis
mineral waterData Set - Mineral Water
minimal spanning treeMinimal Spanning Tree
Minkowski distanceDistance and Similarity Measures
missing valuesMissing Values
 Exercise - Missing Values - Mineral Waters
 Exercise - Estimating the bicarbonate concentration in mineral waters
mixturesExercise - Detection of mixtures of two different wines by PCA
MLRMLR - Analysis of Variance
 MLR and Collinearity
 Multiple Linear Regression - Introduction
 MLR - Test yourself as a multivariate estimator
 Variable Selection - Stepwise Regression
 Exercise - Estimation of Boiling Points from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
 Exercise - Calculate a polynomial fit by means of MLR
 MLR - Estimation of New Observations
 Design Matrix
 Coefficient of Determination and MLR
 Variance Inflation Factor
modeMeasures of Location
mode of a distributionMode of a Distribution
model orderPCA - Model Order
model selectionNeural Networks - Model Selection
modelingClassification vs. Calibration
 Modeling - Example
 Time Series - Model Finding
 Modeling with latent variables
moments of a distributionMoments of a Distribution
Monte Carlo simulationsOptimization Methods - Monte Carlo Simulations
Mood's median testMedian Test
Moore-Penrose pseudo-inverse matrixMoore-Penrose Pseudo-Inverse Matrix
moving averageSavitzky-Golay Filter - Mathematical Details
 Moving Average
 Time Series - Definition of ARIMA Models
MRAModeling with latent variables
multi-collinearityMLR and Collinearity
 Ridge Regression
multi-layer perceptronMulti-layer Perceptron
multikollinearityVariance Inflation Factor
multiple linear regressionLinear Discriminant Analysis - Introduction
 Multiple Linear Regression - Introduction
 MLR - Test yourself as a multivariate estimator
multiple lineare regressionDesign Matrix
multiple regressionMLR - Analysis of Variance
 Exercise - Estimation of Henry's Constant from Chemical Structure
 MLR - Estimation of New Observations
multiple t-testsANOVA
multiplicationMatrix Multiplication
 Geometrical Meaning of Matrix Multiplication
multivariate calibrationMultivariate Calibration
multivariate estimator, experimentMLR - Test yourself as a multivariate estimator
multivariate methodsSurvey on Multivariate Methods
multivariate similarityExercise - Similar Mineral Waters
multivariate statisticsMultivariate Statistics
mutually exclusive eventsAdditivity Rule