Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

Index D...

dataThe Data
data acquisitionThe Data
data analysis, introductionWhat is Data Analysis
data collectionsInternet Resources on Statistics
data compressionData Compression by PCA
data laboratoryData Laboratory
data matrixData Matrices
data setList of Data Sets
 Data Set - Alcohol Concentration of Red Wines
 Data Set - Boiling Points and Chemical Descriptors
 Data Set - Weights of Coins
 Data Set - Physical Dimension of Fishes
 Data Set - Banknotes
 Data Set - Humidity in US Towns
 Data Set - Mineral Water
 Data Set - Polynomial Fit
 Data Set - Delayed Trains
 Data Set - Solid Residues in Mineral Water
 Data Set - Gasoline Samples
 Data Set - Bananas
data space, transformationTransformation of the Data Space
 Transformation of the Data Space - Example: mass spectrometry
dBDecibel - A Unit for Expressing Ratios
De Morgan's LawsCalculating with Sets
Dean and Dixon outlier testOutlier Test - Dean and Dixon
decibelDecibel - A Unit for Expressing Ratios
decimal placesDecimal Places and Precision
decision makingOne-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
decision treeStatististical Tests - Decision Tree
deconvolutionConvolution - Introduction
deductive statisticsInferential Statistics
definition of chemometricsChemometrics - Introduction
degrees of freedomDegrees of Freedom
delayed trainsData Set - Delayed Trains
dependence of variablesLinear Dependence
derivation of regression formulaUnivariate Regression - Derivation of Equations
derivativePartial Derivative
descriptive statisticsDescriptive Statistics
descriptorsData Matrices
design matrixDesign Matrix
designed experimentsANOVA
detection capabilityDetection Capability
detection limitDefinitions of Quality Control
 Detection Limit
detection of mixturesExercise - Detection of mixtures of two different wines by PCA
detection of outliersOutlier Tests
determinantMatrix Determinant
 Matrix Determinants - Calculation of Order 2 and 3
determination limitDetermination Limit
DFTFourier Transformation - Introduction
dichotomous variableLogistic Regression
 Dichotomous Features
 Indicator Variable
dichotomyDichotomous Features
digitisationDigitisation of Signals
digitizationAnalog/Digital Conversion
discordant pairsGoodman and Kruskal's Gamma
discrete convolutionConvolution - Mathematical Details
discrete Fourier transformFourier Transformation - Introduction
discrete random variableRandom Variable
discrete uniform distributionDiscrete Uniform Distribution
discriminant analysisLiterature References - Discriminant Analysis
 Exercise - Linear Discriminant Analysis
discriminationDiscrimination and Classification
distance matrixDistance Matrix
distance measuresDistance and Similarity Measures
distributionBernoulli Distribution
 Binomial Distribution
 Hypergeometric Distribution
 Distributions - Introduction Part 1
 Log-Normal Distribution
 Normal Distribution
 Poisson Distribution
 Distributions - Some Questions
 Relationship Between Various Distributions
 Continuous Uniform Distribution
 Moments of a Distribution
 Exponential Distribution
 Weibull Distribution
 Cauchy Distribution
 Discrete Uniform Distribution
 Pareto Distribution
distribution calculatorDistribution Calculator
distribution free testsParametric and Non-Parametric Tests
distribution of meansCentral Limit Theorem
distribution-free testsDistribution-Free Tests
distributionsCombination of Several Distributions
distributive lawCalculating with Sets
divergenceVector Operators
Dixon test for outliersOutlier Test - Dean and Dixon
dot plotDot Plot
drawing samplesHypergeometric Distribution
 Distributions - Introduction Part 1
Durbin-Watson testUncorrelated Residuals - Durbin-Watson Test