Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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Nabla operatorVector Operators
Nalimov testNalimov Test
natural brainNatural Brains
natural dichotomyDichotomous Features
natural splineCurve Fitting by Splines
neural networkMulti-layer Perceptron
 ANN - Back Propagation of Errors
 Natural Brains
 Common Questions about ANNs
 Neural Networks - Extrapolation
 Generalization and Overtraining
 Growing Neural Networks
 ANN - Introduction
 Kohonen Networks
 Models of ANNs
 Neural Networks - Model Selection
 RBF Neural Networks
 RBF Network as Kernel Estimator
 ANN - Recurrent Networks
 Taxonomy of ANNs
 ANN - Single Processing Unit
 Literature References - Neural Networks
 Time Series - Neural Network Models
new observationsMLR - Estimation of New Observations
NIPALS algorithmThe NIPALS Algorithm
noisePhysical Origin of Noise
 Types of Noise
 Signal and Noise
noise additionNoise Addition
noisy signalsSignal and Noise
nominal scaleLevel of Measurement
non-linear modelExercise - Modeling the NOx Exhaust of an Experimental Motor
non-linear regressionExercise - Estimation of fish weight from size
non-linear vs. linearLinear vs. - Nonlinear Models
non-parametric testsDistribution-Free Tests
 Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests
normal distributionCentral Limit Theorem
 Normal Distribution
 Relationship Between Various Distributions
 Exercise - Design a data set showing a normal probability density function
 Probability Plot
 Shapiro-Wilk Test
normalityKolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample Test
 Test for Normality
 Chi-Square Test
notch filterTypes of Filters
NOx exhaustExercise - Modeling the NOx Exhaust of an Experimental Motor
null hypothesisHypothesis Testing
null matrixZero Matrix
numerical methodsLiterature References - Numerical Methods