Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

Index E...

EDAExploratory Data Analysis
efficiency of a testDistribution-Free Tests
eigenvalueEigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Definition
 Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Advanced Discussion
 PCA - Model Order
eigenvectorEigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Definition
 Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues - Advanced Discussion
elliptical data clusterTransformation of the Data Space
Elman networkANN - Recurrent Networks
equation solvingGauss-Jordan Algorithm
equationsLinear Equations
equivalence operationsEquivalence Operations
ergodic processTypes of Noise
error barsError Bars
 Graphing Standards
error propagationError Propagation
error typesTypes of Error
errors of samplingRepresentative Samples
estimatePopulation and Sample
estimation of new observationsMLR - Estimation of New Observations
estimatorBiased Estimator
ethanol motorExercise - Modeling the NOx Exhaust of an Experimental Motor
Euclidean distanceDistance and Similarity Measures
eventsEvents and Sample Space
exerciseExercise - Modeling the NOx Exhaust of an Experimental Motor
 Exercise - Estimation of Boiling Points from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - Linear Regression
 Exercise - Chance Correlation
 Exercise - Weight Loss of Coins
 Exercise - Design a data set with predefined correlations
 Exercise - Design a data set showing a bimodal probability density function
 Exercise - Estimation of fish weight from size
 Exercise - Estimation of Henry's Constant from Chemical Structure
 Exercise - Missing Values - Mineral Waters
 Exercise - The Effect of Collinear Variables on MLR Models
 Exercise - Design a data set showing a normal probability density function
 Exercise - Create a Data Set with Outliers
 Exercise - Perform a PCR by successive application of PCA and MLR
 Exercise - Calculate a polynomial fit by means of MLR
 Exercise - Probability of a train being delayed
 Exercise - Measure your reaction time
 Exercise - Estimating the bicarbonate concentration in mineral waters
 Exercise - Similar Mineral Waters
 Exercise - Testing the Reaction Time of a Person
 Exercise - Comparing two sample means
 Exercise - Classification of unknown wine samples by PCA
 Exercise - Detection of mixtures of two different wines by PCA
exercise, t-testExercise - Relative Humidity of US Cities
exercises, list of availableExercises
 Algebra of Expectations
experimental designExperimental Design
exploratory data analysisExploratory Data Analysis
exponential distributionExponential Distribution
extrapolationNeural Networks - Extrapolation
extreme valuesOutliers