Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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R-chartx- and R-Charts
random errorRandom and Systematic Errors
random experimentRandom Experiment
random number generatorsRandom Number Generators
random number sequenceRuns Test
random numbersRandom Number Generators
random samplingRandom Sampling
random variableExpectation
 Random Variable
randomization testsRandomization Tests
range scalingScaling of Data
rankTied Observations
rank correlationSpearman's Rank Correlation
 Kendall's Tau-a
 Goodman and Kruskal's Gamma
rank of a matrixRank of a Matrix
 PCA - Model Order
rank randomization testsRank Randomization Tests
ratio scaleLevel of Measurement
RBF networkRBF Neural Networks
 RBF Network as Kernel Estimator
reaction timeVariability
 Exercise - Measure your reaction time
 Exercise - Testing the Reaction Time of a Person
recallClassifier Performance
receiver operating characteristicsClassifier Performance
 ROC Curve
recurrent networkANN - Recurrent Networks
red noiseTypes of Noise
red winesData Set - Alcohol Concentration of Red Wines
referencesLiterature References - Survey
regressionMLR - Analysis of Variance
 Univariate Regression - Derivation of Equations
 Leverage Effect
 Literature References - Regression Analysis
 MLR and Collinearity
 Multiple Linear Regression - Introduction
 Regression - Introduction
 Analysis of Residuals
 Regression - Assumptions
 Regression - Coefficient of Determination
 Regression - Confidence Interval
 Curvilinear Regression
 Simple Regression - Summary
 History of the Term Regression
 Robust Regression
 Regression - Straight Line
 Exercise - Linear Regression
 Exercise - Weight Loss of Coins
 Exercise - Estimation of fish weight from size
 MLR - Estimation of New Observations
 Regression after Linearisation
 Weighted Regression
regular matrixMatrix Inversion
 Stochastic and Regular Matrix
rejection regionOne-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
relative frequencyFrequency
relative humidityExercise - Relative Humidity of US Cities
 Exercise - Create a Data Set with Outliers
reliabilityClassifier Performance
representative sampleSamples
 Representative Samples
resamplingRandomization Tests
resolution of system descriptionPhase Space
response functionOptimization - Introduction
 Optimization - Response Function
 Optimization - Visualization of the Response Function
response variableModeling
ridge regressionRidge Regression
right censoredCensored Data
RMSQuadratic Mean
RMSEPPredictive Ability
robust regressionRobust Regression
robust statisticsMedian
 Definitions of Quality Control
ROCClassifier Performance
ROC curveROC Curve
root mean squareQuadratic Mean
rotationMatrix Multiplication
 On-Screen 3D-Rotation
 Vector Operators
runs testRuns Test