Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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objectObservations and Variables
objective functionOptimization - Introduction
 Optimization - Response Function
objectsData Matrices
observationObservations and Variables
omnibus testRuns Test
one sample chi-square testOne Sample Chi-Square-Test
one-sample t-testOne-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 One-Sample t-Test - Small Samples
 One-Sample t-Test
one-sided testsOne-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
optimizationOptimization - Introduction
 Optimization Methods
 Optimization Methods - Brute Force Approach
 Optimization Methods - Genetic Algorithms
 Optimization Methods - Gradient Descent
 Optimization Methods - Monte Carlo Simulations
 Optimization - Response Function
 Optimization - Visualization of the Response Function
 Simplex Algorithm
order of a matrixMatrix Algebra - Fundamentals
ordinal associationKendall's Tau-a
ordinal scaleLevel of Measurement
outlierNalimov Test
 Significance of Outliers
outliersScatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 Outlier Tests
 Outlier Tests - Basic Rules
 Outlier Test - Dean and Dixon
 Exercise - Create a Data Set with Outliers
 Walsh's Outlier Test
 Grubbs' Outlier Test
overfittingGeneralization and Overtraining
overtrainingGeneralization and Overtraining