Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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t distributiont Distribution
 One-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 One-Sample t-Test - Small Samples
 One-Sample t-Test
 Two-Sample t-Test
 Two-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 Two-Sample t-Test - Small Sample Size
 Comparing means
 Paired Experiments
 Exercise - Relative Humidity of US Cities
 Exercise - Testing the Reaction Time of a Person
 Exercise - Comparing two sample means
t-test for unequal variancesWelch-Test
table of associationContingency Table
Tanimoto coefficientDistance and Similarity Measures
taxonomy of ANNsTaxonomy of ANNs
taxonomy of multivariate methodsSurvey on Multivariate Methods
TDNNTime Series - Neural Network Models
temperatureExercise - Determine time shift by autocorrelation
testTypes of Error
 Interpreting p values
 Kolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample Test
 Test for Normality
 Outlier Tests
 Outlier Tests - Basic Rules
 Outlier Test - Dean and Dixon
 One-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 One-Sample t-Test - Small Samples
 One Sample Chi-Square-Test
 Two-Sample t-Test
 Two-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 Two-Sample t-Test - Small Sample Size
 Two-Sample F-Test
 Chi-Square Test
 Comparing means
 Paired Experiments
 Distribution-Free Tests
 Hypothesis Testing
 One-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
 Power of a Test
 Test: Correlation Coefficient
 Randomization Tests
 Rank Randomization Tests
 Wilcoxon Test for Paired Differences
 Significance of Outliers
 Uncorrelated Residuals - Durbin-Watson Test
 Runs Test
 Shapiro-Wilk Test
 Median Test
textbooks in statisticsLiterature References - Textbooks
theorem of ChebyshevChebyshev's Theorem
thermal noisePhysical Origin of Noise
third momentSkewness
tied observationsSpearman's Rank Correlation
 Tied Observations
time and frequencyTime and Frequency
time dependence of dataTime Dependence of Data
time seriesLiterature References - Time Series
 Signals as Time Series
 Time Series - Neural Network Models
 Time Series - Definition of ARIMA Models
 Time Series - Establishing ARIMA models
 Time Series - Forecasting
 Time Series - Introduction
 Time Series - Model Finding
 Time Series - Trends
 Time Dependence of Data
time shiftExercise - Determine time shift by autocorrelation
time-averagingSignal and Noise
 Time-Averaging - Mathematical Details
topological descriptorsData Set - Boiling Points and Chemical Descriptors
traceMatrix Algebra - Fundamentals
trainsData Set - Delayed Trains
transformationCurvilinear Regression
 Regression after Linearisation
transformation of data spaceTransformation of the Data Space
 Transformation of the Data Space - Example: mass spectrometry
transposed matrixTransposed Matrix
 PCA of Transposed Matrices
treatmentExperimental Design
trend analysisExercise - Weight Loss of Coins
trendsTime Series - Trends
triangular windowWindowing Function and FFT
trimmed dataCensored Data
trimmed meanMean
true positive/negativeClassifier Performance
Tukey windowWindowing Function and FFT
two-sample F-testTwo-Sample F-Test
two-sample t-testTwo-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
two-sided testsOne-Sided vs. Two-Sided Tests
types of errorTypes of Error
types of noiseTypes of Noise