Fundamentals of Statistics contains material of various lectures and courses of H. Lohninger on statistics, data analysis and here for more.

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S/N ratioSignal and Noise
samplePopulation and Sample
sample spaceEvents and Sample Space
 Venn Diagram
sample&holdDigitisation of Signals
samplingThe Data
 Representative Samples
sampling distributionsSampling Distributions
sampling errorsRepresentative Samples
sampling frequencyDigitisation of Signals
sampling theoremSampling Theorem
Sarrus' ruleMatrix Determinants - Calculation of Order 2 and 3
Savitzky-Golay coefficientsSavitzky-Golay Filter - Coefficients
Savitzky-Golay filterSavitzky-Golay Filter
 Savitzky-Golay Filter - Mathematical Details
scalarVectors - Introduction
scalar productScalar Product
scaling of dataScaling of Data
scaling of the dataz-Transform
scatter matrixScatter, Covariance, and Correlation Matrix
 PCA - Different Forms
scatter plotAutocorrelation and Scatter Plots
 Scatter Plot
scoresFactor Analysis
 PCA - Loadings and Scores
 Relations between Loadings, Scores and Original Data
scree plotPCA - Model Order
search spacePhase Space
selection of variablesPredictive Ability
 Variable Selection - Stepwise Regression
 Variable Selection - Introduction
 Variable Selection - Principal Approach
selectivityDefinitions of Quality Control
 Selectivity and Specifity
self organizing mapKohonen Networks
 Classifier Performance
separabability of classesStructure of Measured Data
serial correlationAutocorrelation
 Uncorrelated Residuals - Durbin-Watson Test
setsCalculating with Sets
Shapiro-Wilk testShapiro-Wilk Test
Shapiro-Wilk testTest for Normality
signal-to-noise ratioCoefficient of Variation
 Signal and Noise
signalsSignals as Time Series
signed rank testWilcoxon Test for Paired Differences
significanceLevel of Significance
 The Term "significant"
similar mineral watersExercise - Similar Mineral Waters
similarityDistance and Similarity Measures
simplex algorithmSimplex Algorithm
single linkage clusteringMinimal Spanning Tree
singular matrixMatrix Inversion
singular value decompositionSingular Value Decomposition
skew-symmetric matrixTransposed Matrix
smoothingSavitzky-Golay Filter - Coefficients
SNRSignal and Noise
soft modelModeling
solid residuesData Set - Solid Residues in Mineral Water
SOMKohonen Networks
Spearman's rank correlationSpearman's Rank Correlation
specificityClassifier Performance
specifitySelectivity and Specifity
specivityDefinitions of Quality Control
spectrumTime and Frequency
spikesPhysical Origin of Noise
splinesCurve Fitting by Splines
spurious correlationSpurious Correlation
square matrixMatrix Algebra - Fundamentals
square windowWindowing Function and FFT
stacked dot plotDot Plot
standard deviationChebyshev's Theorem
 Standard Deviation
standard normal probability density functionNormal Distribution
standardizationScaling of Data
standardized skewnessSkewness
state space notationFilters - Mathematical Background
stationary time seriesTime Series - Trends
statisticPopulation and Sample
statistical testsInterpreting p values
 Kolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample Test
 Test for Normality
 Outlier Tests - Basic Rules
 One-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 One-Sample t-Test - Small Samples
 One Sample Chi-Square-Test
 Two-Sample t-Test - Large Samples
 Two-Sample t-Test - Small Sample Size
 Two-Sample F-Test
 Chi-Square Test
 Paired Experiments
 Distribution-Free Tests
 Hypothesis Testing
 Power of a Test
 Test: Correlation Coefficient
 Randomization Tests
 Rank Randomization Tests
 Wilcoxon Test for Paired Differences
 Literatur - Statistical Tests
 Uncorrelated Residuals - Durbin-Watson Test
 Runs Test
 Shapiro-Wilk Test
 Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests
statististical testsStatististical Tests - Decision Tree
stem-and-leaf plotsStem-and-Leaf Plots
stepwise regressionVariable Selection - Stepwise Regression
stochastic matrixStochastic and Regular Matrix
strontium concentrationExercise - Comparing two sample means
structure of measured dataStructure of Measured Data
subsetsComplementary Sets and Subsets
subtractionMatrix Addition and Subtraction
 Subtraction of Vectors
summation ruleSummation of Probabilities
sun blockModeling - Example
survey on ANN modelsModels of ANNs
SVDSingular Value Decomposition
symmetric matrixTransposed Matrix
systematic errorRandom and Systematic Errors